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TECHNOLOGY / Technology News - 2 months ago

Retro tech: When the pager was king

Vodafone has announced plans to close down its pager business in the UK.The company said it would try to "minimise the impact on the 1,000 or so customers still using the service".This video takes a look a clips from the BBC Archive, from when the pa...

TECHNOLOGY / Technology News - 2 months ago

Does Hollywood give robots a bad rep?

Alien: Covenant should be about, well, aliens. But the real protagonists are the robots, Walter and David, both played by Michael Fassbender. They have been an obsession of Ridley Scott's career, with Ash the android in the original Alien and, most...

TECHNOLOGY / Technology News - 2 months ago

Tech cluster in Wales gets £38m funding

Funding of £37.9m has been announced for the development of a site in Wales to make compound semiconductors, used in everything from smartphones to satellites and self-drive cars. The Cardiff Capital Region, a partnership between 10 local authoritie...