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WORLD / World news - 7 hours ago

Remains of South Korea ferry victim found

South Korean salvage workers have found human remains thought to be from at least one of the missing victims of the 2014 ferry disaster. The tragedy claimed the lives of 304 people, many of whom were schoolchildren, but only 295 bodies were recovere...

WORLD / World news - 10 hours ago

Trump to tear up Obama's climate change record

Donald Trump will move to rip up Barack Obama's record on climate change with a series of orders undermining America's commitment to tackling global warming. In his first trip to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) the President - who has call...

WORLD / World news - 11 hours ago

Cyclone Debbie: 'Howling' storm batters Australia

Thousands of homes are without power and buildings have been damaged as a powerful storm has begun to batter Australia's northeast coast. Cyclone Debbie tore through Queensland causing flooding and bringing down power lines as winds reached more tha...