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WORLD / North America - 2 months ago

Texas police officer shoots man in back – video

Newly released dashcam footage shows a Fort Worth police officer shooting a man in the back as he walked away. The victim was left a paraplegic, and whether the shooting was justified is up for debate. The footage shows the police vehicle driving int...

WORLD / World news - 2 months ago

Debbie Reynolds suffers 'possible stroke'

Debbie Reynolds has been taken to hospital after suffering a possible stroke, according to US media reports. It is thought the 84-year-old suffered a stroke - just a day after her daughter, Carrie Fisher, died following a heart attack. claim...

WORLD / World news - 2 months ago

Woman jailed for murdering husband is pardoned

A woman jailed for murdering the husband who abused her for 47 years has been given a rare pardon by the French president. Jacqueline Sauvage was allowed to walk free from prison after Francois Hollande used a special power to release her, saying he...