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WORLD / World news - 1 day ago

Thieves steal 100kg gold coin worth millions

An oversized gold coin worth millions of pounds has been stolen from a museum in Germany. The Big Maple Leaf weighs 100 kg (221lbs) and measures 53cm (21ins) across, and is thought to be the world's biggest coin. Berlin police said it was taken by t...

WORLD / World news - 1 day ago

Russian opposition leader jailed over protests

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny has been jailed for 15 days for resisting police orders during an anti-government protest. Tens of thousands of people took to the streets in cities across Russia on Sunday in the biggest sign of defiance sin...

WORLD / World news - 1 day ago

Mosul sinkhole could be Iraq's biggest mass grave

There is a scratchy patch of land south of Mosul that is dotted with dozens of burnt-out oil tanks and bits of scorched grass. The men from so-called Islamic State used this spot to refine petrol in what was a great do-it-yourself fuel distillery. B...