Electronic devices banned on US flights from certain countries – reports

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Some electronics will reportedly not be permitted in the cabin of US-bound flights from as many as 13 Middle Eastern and African countries. This ban allegedly applies to nonstop flights and is possibly the result of a security threat.

Reports first emerged following a tweet from Royal Jordanian Airlines that claimed electronic devices other than a cell phone would be banned, with some medical exceptions. The since-deleted tweet claimed Royal Jordanian Airlines was “following instructions from the concerned US departments.

Tablets, cameras and laptops will not be permitted as a carry-on aboard nonstop flights from numerous countries originating in Africa and the Middle East for the next four days, CNN reported Monday.

We will share any further information once shared with us,” a spokesperson for Royal Jordanian Airlines told CNN.

Although the tweet was removed, the Department of Homeland Security declined to confirm or deny the existence of the ban, only saying: “We have no comment on potential security precautions, but will provide any update as appropriate,” according to CNN.

One US administration official told CNN that it was meant only for items larger than a cellphone and did not apply to medical equipment. In addition, the banned items were reportedly still allowed to be placed in checked luggage in the hold.

Fox News reported that the move was unrelated to President Donald Trump’s travel ban. Rather, it was the result of an unspecific security threat.